Ballena Costa Rica Real Estate Survey

Pura Vida!  This is the first of many of many insights that have been gathered over the last 5 years while selling real-estate on the Costa Ballena; the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  Our goal is to always make your buying or selling experience seamless and safe.

The “Replanteo” or Survey Confirmation

One of the most important items we always insist on with our clients, who are purchasing a home or land in Costa Rica is a “replanteo” or simply, a survey confirmation. This is done once we have worked closely together and you have found your dream property and are ready to buy into your Costa Ballena lifestyle.

We have found that many of the original surveys were executed years ago, before GPS and before many good surveyors were available on the Ballena coast. A survey confirmation flags if there is a problem with the survey. If there is a problem, the seller must fix it or you can get out of your real-estate contract without any obligation. This is done to insure that the property you think you are buying is exactly what it appears to be. The cost of a survey confirmation is roughly $300 to $400 and is paid by you; the buyer.  In our experience, we believe the survey confirmation is the best initial investment you can make to insure you are buying the property of your dreams.

Why a Real-Estate Survey Confirmation? Experience on this subject!

Just recently, we can share two specific situations where people purchased a property, owned it for several years and then while trying to sell, found out that the original survey that was initially executed, was not accurate.  In both cases, the property boundary line went directly through the main building site. Not good!  Unfortunately, in each case the neighbor who owned that land opted for greed over good and demanded excessive money in order to correct each of the situations.  So the sellers lost the sale and the intended buyers did not get their Costa Rica dream lifestyle.

Our Commitment to You!

Whether you are a buyer or seller of real-estate or land on the Costa Ballena, we strive to make sure you are in good, safe hands.  Over the last 5 years, we have spent time building relationships and working with the best surveyors on the Ballena coast.  A thorough survey confirmation on your property can usually be completed within one week.  In our opinion, that is certainly time and money well spent!